Describe Image

Describe Image

PTE Describe image:

In PTE describe image section, you need to describe an image. The recording status box displays a countdown until the microphone opens. You have max 25 seconds to prepare. You hear a short tone. After the tone, start speaking immediately. Do not start speaking before the microphone opens.

PTE Describe Image can be a daunting task as there is too much information to comprehend in limited time. You need to manage time properly and speak fluently. Do not mumble too much and speak whatever in your mind. If you could manage time properly then, in PTE, describe image could be the simplest one and you could get higher marks easily. Do not worry too much about content in describing image just focus on fluency that the is the key component in describe image.

The test is not designed to speak about all the details, you just need to explain key information from the image. Keep in mind these three things.

  • The purpose of “Describe Image” section is to assess your speaking skills. An image containing a picture, map, chart, graph or table is visible for 25 seconds. In that time you have to briefly study the image. On hearing starting tone, begin describing the image in the 40 seconds time allotted to you for the response.
  • Correct use of grammar and vocabulary is the 2nd most important thing in this section. Speak at a natural pace and use correct pronunciation.
  • Organize your answer logically and in a structured manner. Your description should be simple and precise. You can follow the below-given template.

Here are some frequently asked sample images for PTE describe an image.


Line chart Bar chart Bar chart Process Pie chart Bar chart Process Pie chart Line chart

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