PTE Writing tips

PTE Writing tips

PTE writing tips

PTE Academic Writing section consists of Two item types one is “Summarise Written Text” and other “Write an Essay”. Here writing an essay using words and phrases appropriate to the context and using correct grammar and mechanics and organizing sentences and paragraphs in a logical way.

Summaries Written Text:

In this item type, you may get 2-3 questions on summarizing the text. To talk about this it is not much difficult to say just we need some amount practice on it. Before attempting the try at least 10 summarize questions. So you can give your best in the PTE-A Exam.
To summarize the text your are having 10min for each question, so time is enough for it.


  • Summarize the text about 30 words only, don’t exceed more than 50 words.
  • Use only one full stop at the end of the sentence.
  • Capitalize the starting words and nouns (Names) in the sentence.
  • No more than 30 words for the best answer. ( Min 5 words, Max 75 words)
  • Be aware of Spellings, Plurals, Pronunciations.
  • Concentrate on Topic Sentences, Repeated words.
  • No examples, Reasons, and Illustrations.
  • A summary must be written in third person form. Don’t use I, We… etc.
  • Most of the Summarize the answer from the last para so concentrate on it.
  • Try to summarize each para first later concentrate on it and make it a single sentence.
  • Time manage –  3min Planning, 5min writing, 2min checking for mistakes(spelling, grammar).
 Also keep in mind while reading passages.
  1. Who did what.
  2. Who did what, which did what?
  3. Who did what that did what.
  4. Who did what when who did what.
  5. Who did what and did what.

Writing An Essay:

In the exam you may get one or two questions, it cannot be exact. To write an essay you are having 20min for each(if 2questions).


  • Plan your essay in an order by checking it whether it is an Opinion essay, advantages & disadvantages, or Problem & Solution.
  • Be aware of Spellings, Grammar, Plurals.
  • Use good Vocabulary to score good marks.
  • Essay structure – Intro, Body, Conclusion.
  • Try to write atleast 3-5 paragraphs. Intro – 1para, Body – 2-3paras, Conclusion – 1para.
  • No use bullet points.
  • In the body, the section gives examples, reasons, statistics to describe.
  • Time Manage – 3min Plan, 14min writing, 3min checking(spellings, grammar).

Sample question:

“Vegetarianism is a more ethical practice that eating meat.” Discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with this statement. Support your point of view with reasons and/or examples from your own experience or observations.

  1. Introduction: (Background statement -> Rewrite the question -> This essay will ..)
    Vegetarianism has become increasingly popular in recent times. People often choose to become vegetarian because it is considered to be more ethical than being a meat eater. This essay will discuss the reasons why vegetarianism is in fact a much more ethical eating practice when compared to eating meat.
  2. Argument 1: (Opening sentence -> Support sentence -> Evidence -> Closing Sentence)
    Vegetarianism is more ethical than eating meat because it does not harm animals. Clearly, harming animals causes suffering, which is unethical. For example, millions of chickens are killed each day for human consumption. Vegetarians do not participate in the killing of animals, which is a much more ethical practice than eating meat.
  3. Argument 2: (Opening sentence -> Support sentence -> Evidence -> Closing Sentence)
    Vegetarianism is also much more ethical than eating meat because its impact on the environment is far less. Growing vegetables is good for the environment, whereas farming animals impacts the environment. Beef cattle, for instance, destroy topsoil and damage the atmosphere. Vegetarianism is a more ethical  practice because it does not harm the natural world.
  4. Conclusion



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