PTE Reading tips

PTE Reading tips

PTE reading tips

In PTE reading, all you need to focus on the meaning of the paragraph this is the main PTE reading tips. In PTE reading, you need to drag and drop words across the screen to correctly fill in the gaps in the text. There is a passage with some missing words. You have a list of words in the blue box that you can use to fill the gaps in the text. There are more words than gaps so you will not use all the words provided.

PTE reading items:

  1. Multiple-choice, choose single answer
  2. Multiple-choice, choose multiple answers
  3. Re-order paragraphs
  4. Reading: Fill in the blanks
  5. Reading & Writing: Fill in the blanks

Tips for Multiple-choice, single and multiple answers:

  • Focus on keywords in question and search in the text and then look in options.
  • Most of the time, Pay close attention to the frequency words (always, often, sometimes, never many, all, never, only.. etc) eliminate those options and find the correct answer.
Ex: According to the text, which of the following are true of English attitudes towards intellectuals?
  1. They never join forces with those in authority.
  2. Most people would not be able to name an intellectual.
  3. In general, the English do not admire respect intellectuals.
  4. Even some English intellectuals do not like to be called intellectuals.
  5. They are not clear about what an intellectual is or does.
Answer: 3,4
Note: It is not applicable always, Use this trick only when the time is not sufficient to answer.
  • Look for main reason/text and concentrate on repeated words to find the correct answer.
  • Negative marking is applicable for multiple answers.
  • Time manage max 90sec each question in single answer type and max 2min for each question in multiple answers.

Tips for Re-order Paragraphs:

  • Look at the Proper Nouns-Common nouns-Pronoun-Articles Usage-Time Phrases(depends) order to form the sentences.
  • Consider the clue words
ex: a) The king…….
       b) ……….. King Rama………
The order here it comes is, b-a. Because in the sentence ‘a’ it says Kings follows…. but in sentence ‘b’ it introduces about the king name.
  • Frame the order of sentences using the Nouns, Pronouns, Adjectives, Repeated words, Time phrases, etc…
  • Concentrate on pronouns he, she, him, her, they, them, these, those, etc.. these sentences will never come in first.
  • Repeated words – the hint here is, most of the time word one sentences if the same word in other sentences come in an order.
  • Adjectives – the hint here is, ex: better comes after good. so first is good-better.
  • Time manage – try to answer the question within 4min.
  • Practice Re-order paragraphs

Tips for Fill in the Blanks:

  • Concentrate on parts of speech before and after the blank, it helps in finding the missing word.
  • Select the word, which is mostly collocated with words beside it.
  • Skim for the main idea of the text.
  • Most of the time, missing word synonym will be in the text, it helps in finding the answer.
  • Time manage – 2min for each question approx.
  1.  Meaning
  2. Word choice
  3. Word pairs
  4. Grammar

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